DreamBuilding for Artists

Monday's 7-9pm, June 8-29

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This  4-week workshop will engage 10 artists in developing vision, determining value, and synthesizing their  creative voice.   Artist, entrepreneur, and life coach, Christal Brown  will assist each participant in developing successful strategies to align  their personal and professional goals.

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What We Ask of Flesh

Christal Browns newest piece, What We Ask of Flesh, began with a collaboration between poet and scholar Remica Bingham. The goal of the partnership was to bring Bingham’s book What We Ask of Flesh to life through movement.

Through solo exploration, a residency with her company, and commissioned based works, What We Ask of Flesh has seen many variations. As the work continues to develop Christal hopes to dive deeper into the gaps between our aspirations and reality.

Christals goal in continuing this work is to create a visual representation of the likenesses of humanity and to combine my historically gendered ensembles into one collaborative collective. By using her training module, Liquid Strength; as a base of communication she will endeavor to unearth a new movement dialect that speaks to assumption, articulation, appropriation, aspiration and personal truth.